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Hi everyone,

Stanford is my number one dream school. I applied this cycle, but I was, unsurprisingly, rejected. My research interest is in sovereignty and regime theories, so my POI was Krasner and Sagan. If there is someone who made successful application to PhD in Stanford who is willing to share some of your success strategy, could you please PM me? Also, if you went to prospective students day, could you please give me some feedback on your first impression?


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@McMuffin I'm going to Stanford in the fall. I'd be happy to PM with you, but I really don't know HOW I got in over what are clearly other WONDERFUL candidates.

But my biggest thought on the subject is this: Don't pick a dream school. Admissions committees KNOW what they are doing, and they won't admit you if you don't fit (Ahem, me and Columbia) and you really will end up where you're supposed to be. I never thought I'd be going to Stanford, but right now I'm just so incredibly grateful and surprised that it's where I'm ending up.

Talk to you soon!

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