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i would apologize for anxious neuroses, but it's grad cafe.

any ideas as to whether they're calling alphabetically?

judging from the other schools' postings, i wouldn't take it as an automatic rejection if you don't receive a call today. maybe that's wishful thinking. anyone care to correct that?

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Has anyone actually considered emailing paul fry to cut short the painful wait and confirm the news?

Jesus someone is impatient. The guy is a distinguished professor and he took time out today to give great news to wonderful applicants. I don't think it'd be very professional to contact him right now to tell him to ask if you were accepted or not.

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I have not received any notification from Yale and my app status on the website indicates nothing. So I have yet to be rejected. Judging from today's posts, it seems like admits have been called and most people got their rejection letter...anyone else in my boat?


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Okay, I also have heard nothing either way. I am still waiting on six schools, including most of my top choices. Anybody think that departments will be notifying tomorrow :6 ? On Saturday? Obviously not (sigh). To the person who asked about alphabetical order: let's hope so. I sooooo wanted to invent irrelevant questions today that would enable me to call Directors of Graduate Studies on apparently legitimate pretenses and then sneak in casual references to my application.

Due to a quirk of my current location, last night, I happened to *run in* to the DGS (in person) of one of my tippity-top choices...a school that has apparently made decisions but not yet notified. I thought I was going to die of professionalism on the spot.

To those of you who got in to top choices today: a thousand congratulations!

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