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A&M vs Irvine vs Florida in EE


A&M, Irvine or Florida in Electrical Engineering  

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  1. 1. Where to go for PhD in EE (Nanoelectronics)?

    • Texas A&M
    • University of California, Irvine
    • University of Florida

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now, again.... first of all. UC is a better school than UF I think. ANY branch of UC. Second, California is pretty diverse and multicultural, and in Florida and Texas -- especially Texas - there will be some rednecks and whatever (if you are from Iran, it may matter.). I am Russian and have lived in the US for years, and even I would not contemplate living in Texas, apart from maybe metropolitan Austin area. generally anywhere in the South, you risk encounters with crazy racists and anti-immigrant enthusiasts.

Even though A&M I heard i a good school.

Also, if there is no funding UC may let you re-classify as California resident for tuition purposes in a year, or something.

Univeristy of Florida, if we are talking Tallahassee, only consider it if it's the cheapest by far. Tallahassee itself is a relatively progressive town (by Florida standards), but those are Florida standards. Again, Florida can bore you quickly if you are from halfway around the world and a large city. Tallahassee is not its worst place, but it's a big and relatively dull village

You cultural experience in California will be much better, and the UC system itself is ten times more reputable than University of Florida system

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Like any major university in the States, there is a large international community at A&M. You won't have a problem with anyone at the university and the overall atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. College Station is a rather small town but it is within driving distance to all the major cities in Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio). The main scene in CS is Northgate, which has mainly bars and a few clubs.

I don't think the risk of running into racists is any greater at A&M than it is any other place in the States (even in California, shocking I know, but redneck racists live there too). College Station is the most educated city in Texas per capita... just don't go to bars in tiny little towns outside of College Station and I'm sure you'll be fine.

I went to A&M for undergrad and thought it was a great place with friendly people and great professors. I was in the Biology department, but one of my roommates during my time there was an international PhD student in mechanical engineering. He is from India and got a job lined up in upstate New York before he even graduated. Which is just one example, but it is a well regarded program from what I've gathered.

Obviously I am advocating A&M, but really, any of those schools would likely further bolster your chances to achieve your career goals. Do as much research on the cities and schools as possible.

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I don't know anything about your particular program, but as a graduate of the University of Florida, I just want to point out that Olga is actually mixing up Florida State University in Tallahassee with the University of Florida, which is in Gainesville. They are very different schools in very different cities!

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Also, everything milam said about Texas A&M goes for UF too. It is a very large and diverse community. A large percentage of the PhD students are international (my boyfriend is currently pursuing a civil engineering masters there). It is not a city overrun with rednecks!

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