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question for current SLP master's students


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I had an unsuccessful year last year applying to graduate schools, but this year, I got into every one I applied to. Yay! Now that I've accepted my first choice, I'm starting to think about all the things I'll need to review this summer, being one year out of my SLP courses. (I'm still currently making up some science and math courses outside of SLP that I needed.)

I plan on reviewing my class notes and textbooks from each course I took (since I was just a leveler there are only eight courses to brush up on) before starting, and I'm planing on doing more observation at the school where I'm attending to get a feel for how it all works there this summer. I was just thinking, though, that current students might be the best resource for what to prioritize. What would you say you needed to know cold at the start of clinical? Developmental norms? Treatment protocols for audiology, speech and fluency, and language disorders? Anatomy and physiology? Neuroanatomy? All of it? Any tips for us second-year-application-successes to make our transitions from undergrad courses to clinical work as smooth as possible?

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I don't have an answer to this, because I am starting grad schol next fall also...but I wanted to suggest that you also post this question on the speech pathology livejournal site. There tends to be a lot of people on there that are knowledgeable about this type of question :)


Awesome! I didn't know that existed. Thanks for the link. :)

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I am a current Master's student, and here's my 2 cents: 1) observing is fine, that should be just some more good experience to put in your back pocket; 2) as far as what should you study over the summer? NOTHING. You will get PLENTY of a review once you start school (although I don't know exactly where you will be attending), and studying over the summer is NOT necessary. I freaking love my program and wouldn't trade my experience here for the world; but school will be straight insanity for 2 years and the last thing you need to do is worry about what to know for the first day before you have even started there. Seriously, don't bother. If there's anything important the professors will let you know when they see you. I'm type-A myself but you don't even know where your professors are going to start you off in the fall and if you did well in your leveling courses (even 1 year out) then things will come back to you as you sit in class. I suppose if you wanted to do some cursory reviewing if you're convinced you really need that, then I can't stop you--but really, enjoy your summer and finish your other classes and mentally prepare for the next 2 years. For many people the first quarter/semester is extremely stressful with practicum on top of class, so I'm not sure this is pragmatic.

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