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Contact info for business cards at conferences...

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I've decided to get some business cards made up for a conference coming up overseas. I've read through the threads on business cards, but my question is a little more specific.

First, what is the best email address to include on the card? I have a university email address, but I'm worried that it will no longer be of use once I get my MA from that institution come next Spring. I would be heartbroken if someone tried to contact me during the that ever-so-important interlude between the MA and my (hopefully) future PhD program and their email was dumped.

Second, if I do use a personal email address, should it be an gmail, etc, with just my full name or can it be more personal as long as it's not too cutesy, sexual, and the like. Example: theregalrenegade@emaildomain.com

What do you all think?

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Email from all my previous university addresses is forwarded to my private gmail account, even though the accounts themselves are officially closed. Maybe your university provides a similar service? If not, use your private address - but keep it professional. Yourname@domain.com.

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I have seen gmail addresses at the bottom of articles in journals (for corresponding author contact info), so you wouldn't be the first to use a gmail address. I think it's smart, and people understand that those who are still studying or just starting their careers expect to move around a bit before settling down/lucking in to a TT position.

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