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MSW at UTenn-Knoxville?


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Hi Folks! I'm new to the forums and enjoying reading about others' experiences with applying for and choosing their MSW programs. Lots of valuable info about schools, scholarships, and job opportunities.

We're about to relocate from Atlanta to Knoxville, TN (my husband accepted a job at UTK) and I'm anticipating applying to their MSW program for Fall 2013. I know that their Social Work program is one of the most highly funded grad programs at that school, and that they have just recently instituted a clinical PhD program that can be taken online. Seems like they are doing good things. However, I have not read anything here on the Forums about it. If anyone has any info, please respond!

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I don't have a lot of program specific information - but - I did apply there and they were VERY helpful and the process was super easy for me. I think you will enjoy it - Knoxville is a great area. If you like sushi - try Nama!

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