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I applied to Iowa State University just in time to meet their 4/1/2012 application deadline. I applied to CU Boulder just in time to meet their 3/1/2012 application deadline. I applied for a Masters in Civil Engineering--Structures at both. When do you think I will hear something? Will their response be by snail mail or email?

Both of these states allow out-of-state veterans to pay in-state tuition. Do you think the prospect of this would make them less likely to admit me? Why take this veteran when we could get an international student who will pay alot more? This sounds even more likely considering the national bad economy.

I am thinking they are just now getting committals from those they admitted who applied early in the process--the national deadline was 4/15/2012. Now it is just a matter of filling their empty seats with the most qualified applicant. What do you think?

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I'm an international student who applied to the CU Boulder Electrical Engineering doctoral program. FWIW, I received my admit offer on 28 Feb, and my funding offer on 22 Mar; both responses came by email. I sent in my application by the deadline for visa students, which was Nov 1 2011. Hope this helps.

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