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  1. Look at your reputation points. This isn't exactly a forum to troll on, in case you aren't aware of that now. Go troll at reddit or failbook or facebook, anywhere but here.
  2. I empathize with you. The American legal system is such that it has bred an overly-litigious society, IMHO.
  3. Hi ponylevel What I meant was not to generalize as in assuming that your experience, or the experiences of people you have known (and therefore experienced vicariously) should not be taken as the de facto norm, in graduate school. There are so many variables at play here, and you know as well as I do how varied graduate school programs can be across different faculties/departments, much less different schools. So my point is that it is really a rather complex scenario that we're talking about here, and I'm sorry if you or someone you knew had a bad experience relationship-wise, but I str
  4. For me, the part about the guy having job security. I'd thought (perhaps rather mistakenly) that Western culture tends to emphasize the romantic, rather than more practical, aspects of finding a life partner. Of course, I'm speaking from a cultural background where arranged marriage was rather common up to 20-30 year ago, (and still occurs today for desperate cases LOL)
  5. ktel you sound remarkably Asian here. This is not an insult, just an observation, as I'm from Asia. For clarification, I think that this is an extremely sensible point of view.
  6. I can't wait for my turn to dole out these words of wisdom haha.
  7. Thank you so much, juilletmercredi. Like TakerUK said, awesomest.post.ever.
  8. I see. My school has many opportunities for summer RA-ships which pay up to 3x the amount of funding given during the other 9 months, because it'd be a full-time job then.
  9. From what I know, the fact that your parent was an alumnus of the university you're applying to usually only helps if you're applying to the Ivy League, and also if your parents were/are major donors to the university.
  10. I am an international student, who is definitely NOT a super-good-looking female with high GPA (on both counts). I got full funding for my 1st year of my doctoral program in an STEM field, at a public university (suffice to say it's one of the Public Ivies). FYI, I am an "average looking international guy..." mentioned in romeo2die's post.
  11. Heeello gradcafe-ers, Calling all international students on this forum who are/ will be enrolling in Fall 2012 at CU Boulder. If you fit the description, do reply to this thread. That way, we can get to know each other, and form a support (?) group of sorts, especially for those who are coming from halfway around the world (like me unfortunately) to Boulder. Which is, by the way, the awesomest college town ever. Period. So, yeah.. let's start the ball rolling! P.S. Have a great summer! Wherever you are!
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