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Short Rejection Letter


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First I applied to two scholarships : International Postgraduate Research Scoharship (IPRS) and Scholarship for International Research Fees (SIRF). Unfortunately, I received the following short email that doesn't indicate explicitly rejection for what and Why?

Dear Applicant


Careful consideration has been given to your application for a postgraduate research scholarship tenable at the University. I regret to have to inform you that your application for a scholarship has been unsuccessful.

The Scholarships Committee has asked me to thank you for your application and wishes you well in your future endeavours.

I sent an email to ask the department for which scholarship my application was rejected last friday but they haven't replied yet. According to title of the email I think it is for IPRS but why they haven't mentioned anything about SIRF? Could you share what you think?

PS: It is important for me beacuse if I get SIRF that doesn't cover living expenses my prospective supervisor told me he could arrange a generous RA for me. Otherwise, He said he couldn't do much about it.


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I'm not familiar with the two scholarships, but did you apply for them together? If not, it seems like they are two completely different scholarships and thus would have two completely separate review processes. It seems like this only applies to IPRS.

Hope that helps!

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