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Who else is attending UNC Chapel Hill (MS CS) for fall 2012?

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I got admitted and accepted the offer (no funding). Since I'm from India, I'm waiting for the Visa forms, etc. Also, I'm planning to get a loan to fund me.

Who else has received and accepted a MSCS offer from UNC Chapel Hill? Post here!

Also, if you're from India, what are you planning to do about housing?

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Woah, you seem to have a lot of offers. Have you decided to join UNC?

What specialization will you be taking (judging by your site, though, I'm guessing it's security)?

I applied for Computer Graphics, and that's what I'll be joining.

Another question: Have you applied for Dorm housing at UNC?

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Yep, I'm all set for UNC.

Regarding specialization, I'd love to get involved with research in networking, security, virtualization, and/or distributed computing. I feel like there's plenty of intersection between those areas that, if I were to get involved in one, I wouldn't be locking myself out of the others. Plus, I'm in the US Army, so I can't stray too far from my specialty (i.e. graphics would be fun, but the Army wouldn't be too happy with it :) ).

I'll be living off campus, hopefully in southwest Durham (looking to avoid a commute through Research Triangle Park).

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I think it might have been the essay prompts. UVA wanted two essays and, rather than put the time into two good essays, I split my overall template into two and tweaked it to answer their questions. End result: two really short essays.

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I, too, was rejected by UVa whereas UNC admitted me. UVa seems to be a really nice place for CS - I'm doing courses from Udacity and both of my favourite instructors (David Evans and Wes Weimer) are from UVa.

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