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Pass/Fail Option for Science Course?


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I'm a second-year undergrad taking a Botany course as a Breadth requirement. It's a real pain in the ass, and I'm anticipating a final grade of about B, which will lower my GPA.

I'm considering converting my grade to a Pass/Fail option, which will keep it from hurting my GPA. Of course, I'd like to know how this will affect my chances of being admitted into grad school in the future. How will tacking on an additional Pass/Fail course affect adcoms' perception of me?

By the way, right now, my current GPA is a 3.897 with no previous Pass/Fails and 1 previous Late Withdrawal in Physics (for a "W" on the transcript). In short, I'd like to know: When admissions committees look at grades outside of your field, is it better to have a "B" or a "Pass" on your transcript?

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