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gre vocab audios

child of 2

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can someone please help me?

there are so many word lists out there, and I'm not going to go through every one. I just need a really good, complete word list to help me survive the verbal section.

Also, Barrons, Princeton, Kaplan, or something else? which is better?

And what was your study habit? I'm going to try to go for 1 hr/day or 2 hr 3 days/wk just for the GRE

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I found (and I ended up with a 164V for reference - good or bad)...

1. There are NO good audio lists. Perhaps you could make one using a good list. But the one's I tried- were awful.

2. I like the Vocab in a Box cards from either Kaplan, or Barrons. They are both good lists - although not extremely tough. The index card format is a nice way to study IMO.

3. The hardest list I found that was challenging was an iPad APP called GRE Vocab Genius. It costs $4.99 but I thought was much much better than any "free" app. It has some very tough words, keeps track of your progress, has an algorithm for mixing it up til you master words, etc.

I found a lot of the online lists were too easy, the boxed sets medium, and the Genius app was a tough set.

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