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Speech Path Grad Debt


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I am finishing up my first year (pre-reqs) at NYU and am starting to cringe at the debt I am accruing. When I chose to go, it was the only school that had accepted me and was my *dream* school so I decided to take the plunge. I had a partial scholarship for the first year but was not able to get any funding for my next year. I had applied to other schools for the fall but did not get into a single one! My question is, should I take a year off and work, apply to schools for next year and hope that I can get in amidst the fierce competition? OR should I just bite the bullet and finish out the NYU program and accept my debt? I know that I may be able to do the Public Service Loan forgiveness program but I am not certain if all of my loans will qualify.

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Are all of your loans federal loans (from the US department of education) and not private? If so, you will be able to take advantage of the public service loan forgiveness and income-based repayment plan. However, this is contingent upon you finding a job in a public service field which is already getting heavily slashed from state and federal gov't budgets as is.

I think you also have to consider a few things. Firstly, how do you know for sure if you do take the time off and presumably get accepted into another program that you will be funded in that particular program? What if, for some reason it is not as highly ranked and will not give you as many opportunities as NYU will? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior---if you did not get into any schools this cycle the probability that you will be accepted the next go around with no additional embellishments to your application is also nil. And for that time you could have stayed at NYU and finished---I'd stick it out.

But while you are there, don't be hesitant to ask your professors, advisors deans and even those in different but related departments about funding opportunities through TA/RAships, if it is a research-based program. Also, this is your time to network---and network hard while you still have the cushion and financially security with being in school. NYU is your base; you are not confined to the parameters of your own department. Interact with the business/law schools--attend a few open lectures and get to know the faculty. Speech path is such a fluid discipline with opportunities for advancement outside it's standard employment area, especially in business. Make the prestige of NYU count for you and the wallet will thank you!

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Considering speech path grad programs are only 2 year programs, I think it would be best to stick it out just for practical reasons...do any schools take transfers? i totally understand where you're coming from though, i'm starting my first year of the master's program at pitt with no funding this fall and the amount i'll be spending is quite daunting (although I am in-state, thankfully).

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