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Career advice concerning certifications (Msc Environmental Policy and Management)


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Hi! I am getting my Masters in Environmental Policy and Management. I really like the idea of being an environmental consultant but i would love to hear from other EPM grads and their job experiences and options. Also, my real question is which certifications I could get on the side to make my resume stand out. I know GIS and LEED would help, but any others? Thanks!

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If you can get an internship on your resume that would certainly help. Depending on who you end up working for ultimately, a lot of places wish for you to have a 40hr HAZWOPER training cert. under your belt. GIS is certainly helpful and if you have already taken at least some basic GIS courses you can get some free certifications from ESRI. There are others they offer for a price as well, it all really depends on what you need.

I started off on the environmental side of things. If you have a good idea of who you want to work for or at least in detail what you want to do, I would recommend going on some of the career finding websites (monster, indeed, usajobs, etc) and reading the job postings. The postings will usually give you a fairly good idea of what your potential employer would be expecting of you so that when the time comes for you to be sending out resumes you already will match what they are looking for.

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