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Programs for Non-majors?


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Hey all,

I've become interested in seeking a graduate degree and most likely a PhD in psychology (as I'm thinking of a clinician career), but did not major in psychology and have subsequently been in the workforce for 10 years. My questions are:

1. Is it best to get an undergraduate minor in psychology with some research experience and then apply? (I have 10 credits in psych)

2. Are there any Masters or PhD programs geared towards non-majors?

3. Or is it best to take the subject test and apply to programs?

I'm trying to look at this from the perspective of what would be the most cost-effective while also being the best way to gain a great education.

Thanks in advance for any information.



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Hey Richard,

You might want to check out post-bacc options. I think that Columbia offers one. I'd first google 'post-bacc psychology', see what comes up, and then do a more in depth search from there.

Good luck!

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In general, there are plenty of people who didn't major in Psych in undergrad and were admitted to a grad program. However, i thinkthis isn't so common for clinical.

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