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Is it good to metion professional terminology in PS?

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I am wondering if putting some terminology in my major that literally other ppl not in my major would not quite understand into my PS to state what I have learned/done, but I am afrain those judges in the admission committee is not in my major? so it may not be easily understand and accepted?

ex. I am in Industrial Engineering and I mention I deal with Lean, which uses Pokayoke, SMED to solve for problem. What is the best way for me to describe such experience?

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If you're able to slide it in there with finesse - go for it. If I were reading these, I would not want you to mention this as a sort of "Oh hai - these are my trade skills", because that sort of thing belongs in a CV. But if you're able to relate your facility with this program/method organically into the discussion at hand, then do so.

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I would definitely suggest that you use professional terminology if no other language is available to describe the concept you are talking about. However, I would use it minimally and I do mean sparingly since the readers of your essay will consist of members of the graduate admissions committee (who are most likely not familiar with terminology in your field) and members of the department to which you are applying. One of the main purposes of the statement is to provide clarity to all who are going to read it and one way to achieve this is not to saturate your personal statement with jargon.

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