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am I as qualified a candidate as I originally thought?


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Ok, I have applied. Felt good about it, and now after reading what types of folks are applying for MPH degrees, I feel like maybe I look un-qualified. Maybe my SOP won't stand out. So here's the deal:

BS in Health Mgmnt (4.0 gpa)

A.S. Radiation Oncology Technology (radiation therapist) (3.5 gpa)

A.A.S. Medical Assisting/Medical Administration (gpa 3.8)

My experience is all clinical, nearly 18 years of it. I am a board certified radiation therapist for ten years. I have not done any theses, volunteer work, or had any articles published. I have created and presented continuing education presentations for radiologic technologists. I am a clinical supervisor for radiation therapy students, and supervise 5 staff therapists. I am a guest/fill-in speaker/educator at the local community college for radiation oncology technology.

I see where many applicants have prior masters degrees or have done volunteer work for long periods of time for public service entities. Yet, many others are hoping to go on to med school and are using the MPH as a shoe-in.

I can make GREAT money as a therapist, but a recent repetitive strain injury at a young age has left me re-considering quality of life vs. career, and have always had a particular interest in cancer disparity programs.

I guess I need encouragement. Can I get a cheerleader?? :)

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Radjojo, you'll be fine. MPH programs love people with some good work experience. And you have a great story to tell in the essays. Don't doubt yourself. From my experience, most MPH students just have a bachelor's and maybe some moderate volunteer background. You're a great candidate.

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Thanks Zero. I actually got accepted to an online program in Health Policy at New York Medical College. Now, I hope that I can get enough loans to pay for it......

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