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What are my chances of getting in?


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I'm an international student from Singapore who have done professional degrees in Occupational Therapy in Singapore and Australia.

Below are some info about my qualifications

1) GPA of 3.5 from my diploma in occupational therapy

2) GPA of 3.92 from my degree in occupational therapy programme.

3) 4-5 years of professional experience as a pediatrics OT in private practice and acute hospital settings.

4) I've not published any papers but have complete 2x thesis in my undergrad years. I'm currently the PI in a research project in the pediatrics hospital that I'm working in

5) I'm attending biostatistics training courses this year

I intend to apply for PhD programme (for Fall 2013) in psychology (behavioural neuroscience/ developmental) examining long term mental health effects on children who were neglected, in foster care or have caregivers with mental health issues (e.g. depression). Schools that I'm looking at are


2) Yale,

3) Stanford

4) UBC

5) UNC

6) UC Berkeley

Are there any areas that I need to amp up on to increase my chances of getting into a graduate programme? Basically, what are my chances of getting in? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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I didn't apply to developmental programs, but do you satisfy the psychology course requirements for all the programs you want to apply to? If you didn't major in psychology in undergrad, some programs may require some psych coursework, or at the very least, a good score on the psychology GRE subject test. Also, what is your GRE score for the general test? I'm not sure what this equates to on the new scoring system, but when I applied 1350+ on the GRE was desirable to be competitive. Other than that, your work experience looks fantastic. Clearly you can conduct research, which is a big part of what I think they're looking for... good luck!

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Thanks for the reply! I've taken psych modules throughou the span of my undergraduate studies (abnormal psych, health psych, human development, neuropsych just to name a few). I've yet to take my GRE (general) and have been wondering if I should take the psychology GRE subject test as well since I did not major in psychology. All of the schools that I'm looking at mentioned that psychology GRE subject test is not necessary unless I'm applying for clinical psychology (which I am not). Perhaps I should just contact that schools and check if I satisfy their entry requirement.

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