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Advice on Vanderbilt


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Hello all,

This is my first post here. I would really appreciate some advice. I am from an undergrad in EE (india) interested in Robotics, swarm , self organizing systems. I will probably have a publication due in Fall 2009.

I have applied to Vanderbilt. Got a funded offer for a Masters in Computer Science. I also have an unfunded admit from UT Austin in MS ECE. I have not heard of anyone getting into Vanderbilt from my country, however UT Austin does have quite a good reputation for both ECE and CS. Naturally I am kind of tempted towards Vanderbilt cause its is free education.

Which would be a good choice considering the two factors?

1. I will be taking a few control courses and a few courses in theoretical computer science during my Masters (from both the ECE and CS departments). The folks (places like Cornell, WUSTL) I want to work with eventually during my phd require a really good math background.

2. I will probably need to get more publications. I have shortlisted a couple of folks in both places whom I find interesting (not the best thing but close enough). At the moment, I am not really sure whom I want to work with more? Its more of a where can I get a publication faster thing?

Should I go with Vanderbilt C.S. and a fully funded Masters or should I look at UT Austin ECE ?

Do pour in your thoughts.

Thanks in advance


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