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saying gre scores in app


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If you took the GRE twice, and did better on verbal and writing on the second test, and better on quantitative on the first test, should I just put my best scores into the application? For the date they want to have as the date of the test, should I just put the most recent one? I know I need to officially report my scores, but for the application's sake, what should I do?

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Read over the application instruction very carefully. Does it say anywhere to report your best scores for each section? If not, I would just report them as they are.

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I had the same problem -- I took the subject test twice. About half of the schools let me fill out as many test dates / scores as I wanted, so I listed all of the scores. But the other half only gives you ONE box for the subject score and a character limit so I can't even fit in both scores.

For those cases, I just put my most recent (which was also the better one) score. But it really doesn't matter because the testing reference number is what they really care about and they use that to pull up your profile in the ETS database. The profile will show all of the score(s) you chose to report.

But as of July 2012, ETS will let you choose which scores to report, so you don't even have to show your old ones. You can only do this with the additional score report option though (i.e. you will have to pay for this) and anyone who took a test in the last 5 years can use their new "ScoreSelect" feature. I guess this could be helpful for some, but I feel this will just basically increase the pressure for everyone to take the test multiple times and use this feature and thus increase income for ETS :P

If your most recent score is not the best one, then read the instructions carefully. If it just says "report your score" (and doesn't specify which one; i.e. best or most recent) and it only allows space for one score, then I'd report my best score. You don't have to worry about misleading them since they will see all of them anyways (unless you report after July 2012!)

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