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I posted an acceptance to Vanderbilt on the results board, and someone asked for this to be posted in the forum.

I got an email Feb. 3rd from the DGS with information about funding, but she mentioned something about their not having sent out official notices yet. There's a visit planned for March 13-14. I wasn't an undergrad at Vandy.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck with your applications!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I still haven't heard anything from Vanderbilt. I've been checking their online application page daily to see if they are going to post anything.

If they are going to invite students for campus tour next week, is that mean I did not get in? Maybe the rejection letter got lost?! Is there anybody else here who's also waiting to hear back from Vanderbilt?

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Same here, no word.

Honestly, I'm assuming if we haven't heard, that we were not accepted. I was re-looking and they only take 4-6 students...so, oh well I guess.

But, you never know, you may still be in the running. I know someone else from here who has been contacted by the DGS.

Good luck.

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I'm in the same position at another school, where other people have already been rejected and waitlisted. I don't know what it means when a school doesn't tell you either way. I think it could mean either 1) you may be accepted if people on the current acceptance list turn down the offer or 2) that they haven't decided where you fall yet. I think it's the first one. So, don't give up yet.

There are only 8 people invited to the visit weekend, and one who isn't going. I'm sure people will start making decisions after that, and you will hear something. Hang in there! I know the waiting is hard. :(

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I appreciate your enthusiasm! However, even if they are waiting...and lets say solely as a hypothetical that we were accepted. I think it sucks that they would have already had a meet-and-greet. They could have invited people who they were maybe on the fence about. Or did interviews, anything.

I'm certain we're not admitted.

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