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Journalism schools outside US


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Hello all,

What J-schools should an aspiring journalist look into if he/she wants to study outside the US?

I've heard of Carleton and U of British Columbia, but are they any good?


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In Canada we have four well-known universities for journalism—Carleton, UBC, Ryerson and Western.

UBC, I believe, is a newer program, but it's quite good from what I hear. It's a two year program with the opportunity to do an internship. From what I hear though, they put a lot of emphasis on grades when applying. If you don't have a minimum of a B+ in your upper year classes, you don't stand a chance. On the flip side, they've got a great student newspaper to write for while you're there, and it seems like the school has a lot of money.

Pretty much everything I've heard about Ryerson has been bad. It's based in Toronto, so people think the connections will be good, but I've heard they're not. Not sure if this is 100 percent accurate, but I heard instead of getting to do an internship with a real media outlet, you have to write for like the student newspaper as your internship, which sounds pretty limiting to me. Overall, I'd say no to this one.

Don't know too, too much about Carleton. I think it used to be better, but has since fallen in the ranks. Ottawa is a neat city to live, but Carleton itself isn't very prestigious and the campus isn't that nice.

Western has a 12 month program, so if you're looking to get in an out fast it could be good. You don't really specialize hardcore, but instead learn everything. So you do like a semester of tv, then radio, then print. You also get to do an internship somewhere (normally the GTA) for a month. I know some people who got great jobs out of it.

Overall, I'd say UBC or Western are your best bets.

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Hi! I'm looking at applying for Masters in Journalism for fall 2013. I already have three years of experience in the Indian media, which includes a year of managing a tabloid as well. I want my course to focus on the digital space. Is UBC is a good bet? And what is the work scenario for journalists in Canada?


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Probably far too late for OP, but for anyone else coming to this thread for next year, University of Central Lancashire in the UK has a one year journalism MA.

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