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BS and MS not in same subject... So how to choose the Dept. for PhD application?


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Here, I am confused about some matter......

My BS is in Civil Engineering, Concentration on Structural Engineering.....But Now I am doing my MS in a subject called "International Master in Advanced Clay Science". Actually during this MS, I will also get two diploma, one is on "Environment, Soil and Geological Systems" and another one on "Geomaterials and Civil Engineering/Assessment and processing".......

But another twist is, after joining this MS program I get interest in "Crystallography"...... And I am going to do my MS thesis on something related to clay crystallography in ESRF(European Synchrotron Radiation Facility).

My undergrad result is not that good. But my MS result is quite good. Now, I am thinking to prepare for applying in PhD.

But I am totally confused. I am totally messed up with my Background. I don't know which Dept. to apply for PhD admission. Can someone please give me some suggestion about it?

Which degree (BS/MS) is more important to choose PhD topic and Dept.? And also another thing, I am interested in Crystallography for PhD, but may be not on related to Clay.... So, I am also wondering, is there any chance to get admission in some PhD topic bit different than my previous research experience?

Any kind of advice / tips / suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you for reading this....

Best Regards



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The MS will be 100% more important than the BS when choosing where to do your PhD. And yes, it is definitely possible to do something other than the research you are doing now

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