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Ph.D. in Psychology (School Psych & Other Psych Fields)


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What's the difference between a Liscensed Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist? I'm in a school psych master's program now and I am debating about applying to the school psych Ph.D. program. We would be eligible to become Liscensed Psychologists upon passing the test through the Dept. of Public Health. Also, how common is it for school psychologists to go into private practice & do things other than psycho-educational assessments (e.g., therapy for example or interventions)? I am really thinking that this is what I ultimately want to do, at least part-time (and work in a school system for the other half of the time). It seems that one would have more flexibility (setting and jobwise) with pursuing a school psych Ph.D. compared to a clinical psych Ph.D. but I could be wrong? If anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

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