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Contacting Potential PhD Supervisor - Again


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Recently I contacted a potential supervisor about whether she would be interested in being my PhD supervisor. Within a couple hours I received a response, where she said that she was interested and would like to discuss my ideas further. However, she was travelling and asked me to contact her again near the end of the month.

(Also, I mentioned a book that she recently published and I read a couple months ago, but accidentally put the 'wrong' title of her book. She had the 'wrong' title of her book on her website - the original version before it was published, very similar to the published title but a couple words switched. Anyway, she was 'curious' as to how I read this early version that wasn't published.)

I know that there are many topics in the forums about the first email to a potential supervisor, but what advice/ideas would anyone have for contacting the supervisor again after a few weeks? Thanks!

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