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PhD in Pure Math

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I am from India.

I have a masters degree in math with a gpa of 7.6/10.

My gre score is 322 and I have 3 in analytical writing.

I have 7.5 in IELTS.

I want to apply for a phd program in pure mathematics.

My interests are more towards the geometry related fields.

I was hoping someone could help me figure out which universities to apply to. And should I give the subject test?

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The subject test seems to be pretty important (just the impression I've goten from reading these boards). The quant score is not that low (would have looked like a better score in the old system).

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what about the anlytical writing score. its just 3.

does tht matter?

For an international student; probably not. Still low as hell though. Most PhD programs have subject test requirements or highly recommend them.

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I would suggest you ask an academic at your current university for advice. They are more likely to have experience with similar students and to know more about various universities.

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