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Can anyone recommend me somewhere on the net where I can discuss actual CS. Though I've already completed my BSCS, I've never actually found some where on the net where I can actually discuss CS research topics. I've always used here, stackoverflow, 4chan/g/, and slashdot(but only in the limited sense it allows). These are all good site to discuss general technical technology related topics, but I need somewhere to discuss research/academic oriented topics.

Where is a good forum on the net to discuss actually research oriented topics of discussion in CS?


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Because we don't know of an online public forum where people talk about deep CS research topics? Why don't you just search for papers/conferences you're interested in, and then do additional searches on the topics you want to discuss to see if it's a broad enough question for a public forum to spring up? Or you could try connecting with researchers in the area you're interested in (the ones who will know it best), to see if they have any recommendations about where to look. People don't talk about their research in an online forum, they do it in Universities and then publish papers about it.

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