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  1. Throughout undergrad, I got annoyed at people boosting a bunch of different titles in their signatures like: "president of club x, vice-president of club y, founder of z, student of school ABC" So I did my own version: Name placeholder title, some organization at a hierarchical institution I only used it when emailing friends or other undergrads
  2. I'm under the impression that CS programs are more concerned with GPA/GRE performance than research experience given the slim pickings of research opportunities during undergrad. As you've mentioned - needing to have taken upper-year courses. Is there an opportunity for you to do a thesis? Or find a RAship for the summer? Best of luck !
  3. I think you have good stats, with well-written supportive letters and a throughtful SOP - you have nothing to worry about. My best piece of advice would be to contact the POIs during the Fall, send them your CV and let them know you're applying. This is also a good time to ask if they have any openings in their lab. I did this and saved a lot of money by only applying to schools where I knew there was a possible spot.
  4. Is it possible for you to find another collaborator to help you with the project? It sounds like a tough situation but I am sure your advisor knows the context of your progress! Best of luck!
  5. Hi Neeraj, The second time you took the GREs, you did worse than the first time. This is not a good thing. Admissions committees want to see an improvement in your performance. I recommend you re-take the test. Also, the profile you've listed is hard to interpret. If you could give more information, others may be able to help you evaluate your potential. Good luck!
  6. DBP

    Hamilton, ON

    The city of Hamilton is on a grid, very convenient and easy to navigate. Personally, I love their public transit. Torontonians bash Hamilton because it's "dirty" and "smelly" due to pollution. I lived there for most of my life, so I never noticed poor air quality. Also, depending on your area of interest in economics, Mac seems attractive given its proximity to Toronto. What are your biggest concerns?
  7. Hi uncreativename - we seem to be swapping places! I'm currently a UWaterloo student and moving to Philly this Fall for my PhD! Here are some good resources for finding off-campus housing: UW Off Campus Housing Search Kijiji Housing Board KW4Rent Domus Property Management Also, I'd stay away from Craigslist - it's not a super popular service in this area so the ads are pretty sketchy.
  8. http://en.wikipedia....strict,_Toronto I vote for Toronto. Great reputation and access to potential internships (which could help when applying for PhD programs). Good luck!
  9. I'm going to accept my offer to Penn! The next few months of waiting to move to Philly and start my PhD will hopefully go smoothly! Looking forward to connecting with others on the forum.
  10. Each of the things you mentioned seem like strengths! Don't doubt yourself. Good luck!
  11. I wouldn't emphasize the rejection, I would emphasize the learning. Hope this makes sense! Best!
  12. In my field, the only person eligible to present is the FIRST AUTHOR on the paper. Sometimes, with advanced notice (or in emergencies), they will admit another author to stand-in and present. I second what purpledinosaur has said. Best!
  13. Congrats on all the improvements ! I think it's a good story and shows each of the characterists you mentioned. Personally, I would spin it as "evidence I am prepared for the program". Like, "last application cycle I wasn't prepared for SLP and I applied to schools without considering XYZ". (Insert XYZ reasons why you've applied to these schools this year rather than last year). I don't think mentioning the competitiveness of the programs will add much to the story. Good luck!
  14. Working in "lab manager" capacity helps keep you involved in research and can provide strong LORs. But it's not necessarily, "research experience". If you emphasize to the interviewers that you'd like responsibilities in addition to your daily tasks that would allow you to get more research skills for grad school, you can do things on the job - like being involved in lab meetings, presenting data to the group, helping design experiments, etc. Maybe ask for feedback from a mentor with regard to what areas you need to develop? I think you should definitely mention that you're long term
  15. I keep telling myself I'll get a tattoo to celebrate my undergrad, but can never think of anything super meaningful for me! I've thought about a nose piercing, but I sneeze too much in the winter, lol. In my experience, assuming you don't have a facial tattoo or attention-drawing piercings, it's acceptable as a grad student. Not sure how this is looked upon as you try to find a job afterward through. Thanks for starting the thread, interested in reading what people share! Best!
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