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I didn't dorm during undergrad but does anyone know if graduate housing provided by the school is included in tuition or will I need seperate funding? Looking into grad schools in California.


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Yes and no. Housing is a separate cost, but it's included in the educational budget and financial aid calculations. If you look at the cost of attendance budgets, they'll be broken down into the various expenses-- tuition (in state/out of state for public schools), graduate school fees, books & supplies, housing, personal costs, etc. There'll usually be two calculations, one for on-campus housing and one for off-campus, and if you're a US student with a FAFSA then your financial need (and loan offer) will be based on that total cost of attendance calculation.

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Housing that is provided by the school is typically included along with your tuition bills. When you get your financial aid award letter, the letter will state how much money is alotted for room/board, so that's a good guide to go by. If you're a grad student and you qualify for federal financial aid you can borrow up to the "cost of attendance," which includes room/board. If Stafford and other types of loans you receive are not enough to cover both your tuition and housing, you have the option of applying for a Grad PLUS loan. Have fun looking for grad schools!

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