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Is 6month graphic design course enough for getting admission into universities for masters????


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I have completed my undergraduation in electronics and communication engineering, simultaneously i have done with 6months course in graphic design from a reputed institution .

Is it possible to do masters in graphic design in usa universities??

And what are the requirements for getting admission???

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There are plenty of MFA Graphic Design programs in the US, but they're all very different. What are you trying to do after you graduate? Where are you doing the 6 month course?

Generally, the requirements for admission are: 1) an undergraduate degree and 2) a good portfolio. The trick is that "a good portfolio" will mean wildly different things at different institutions. Are you focused on highly commercial work? More experimental? Teaching? Hence my question about what you'd like to do after graduation.

Most likely you'd be applying to schools with 3-year programs, as those are for people without a background in design (although it's not unheard of to be accepted to a 2-year program if you show a lot of promise). There's no blanket rule for experience vs. acceptance, it's really about the quality of your work and how it fits with the program.

Which schools are you interested in? What does your work look like? What is it about? Why are you interested in grad school?

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I completed my 6monts web and computer graphics in ARENA MULTIMEDIA INDIA.

Basically i am not that interested in electronics, i have just completed it for the sake of my undergrad degree. I am very passionate about design. I usually design web templates, design logo's using photoshop and illustrator, and some transition animations in flash.

Pencil sketching and painting are my hobbies. I want to settle in this field so that where i can excel in design work.

What kind of work should i send to the universities as portfolio during admissions???

Can u help me out in finding a grad school which fits my profile?? List some of the grad schools and their tution fee for international students

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It's going to be really difficult to recommend programs without knowing more about your goals and interests.

- Why do you want to go to grad school? (Experimentation? Critical thinking? Marketability? Business skills?)

- What specific outcome(s) are you hoping for after graduation?

- Where in the world of graphic design do you want to exist?

- What kind of work do you eventually want to do (and for whom)?

The more specific you are, the easier it will be for us to offer suggestions.

Graphic design programs (especially at the graduate level) range from completely experimental/conceptual to very straightforward and professional/business-oriented. You're free to apply everywhere of course, but I think most people find that the schools they're truly interested in are clustered around one particular band of this spectrum.

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My aim is to become a graphic designer. Ive been offered a web designer post in a company, but i rejected the call.

-Experimentation, critical thinking.

- After graduation i want to settle as a graphic designer.

the all i know is to become something special in design area.

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Experimentation and critical thinking, that's a start. Now how about these:

- Where do you see yourself working (name a company/institution and/or a city)?

- What specific type of job do you want (name a position, e.g.)?

- What kind of projects do you want to work on? What are your specific interests within the field of graphic design (web, advertising, publishing, wayfinding, exhibition, editorial, corporate identity or...)?

- What types of clients would you like to work for (huge corporations, small non-profits, NGOs, musicians, magazines, book publishers or...)?

If you can't answer these questions, you're going to want to do some thinking (and research) until you can. Any school that's worth attending is going to ask for much more specific detail than this.

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- I like to see myself working in an Multi National Company in future.

- Graphic Designer(Designing company Logo's, Magazine cover page, web site designing )

-I have a bit experience in designing Brochure's for NGO'S.

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Your responses are verrrry general, so it's difficult to get a feel for what you're after. Most schools want to know what you're all about as a person, not that you're interested in graphic design (which is a given if you're applying). Who is your dream client? What projects have you seen that you like? Which designers do you admire? What subject matter intrigues you? Be specific. Name names. Give us something to go on.

If that doesn't work for you, I'd suggest gathering a bunch of those "top 20 design schools" lists and then exhaustively researching every school without regard for ranking (this isn't accounting, after all), and try to narrow it to an informed handful of choices from there. During that research you'll probably uncover a few others that aren't on any top-whatever lists – go research those schools, too.

Some things to consider:

- Does this school fit your philosophy? Is it all about making money? All about teaching? All about exploring yourself?

- Do you like the work recent graduates have produced? Are they working at places you'd like to work (or for clients you'd like to have)?

- Who are the faculty? Have they designed, written or spoken about anything that interests you? Find out about them, see who you're drawn to.

- Do they have a program for people without a design background (usually a 3-year program)?

- Where is the school? Can you deal with living there?

- How much is tuition? Can you afford it? How's their international aid?

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