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Financial Aid Portion Late?


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I was just wondering if anyone had any idea about what the effects of a late submission of my financial aid information would have on my application status? I sent my financial aid app in two weeks late, not realizing the deadline passed so early, meanwhile waiting for all of my W-2's to come in by mail. Anyways, I had initally presumed this would be no big deal because I applied to a Master's program and I figured the committee was still deliberating PhD applications, therefore the fact that I submitted my FA info late would go unnoticed. I just recently read a couple of people post, however, that they believe the fact they submitted their FA info late, or it wasn't received, had something to do with their rejections. Does anyone have any idea how this might affect an app? I can't think of a much dumber reason for getting denied acceptance having already submitted all necessary documents weeks before the deadline, only to miss a deadline on a section that isn't even a part of the application....

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