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Chances for Poli Sci PhD programs


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Hey all. I am thinking about applying for a PhD in political science but I would say that my situation is rather complicated. In my first 2 years of undergrad I had a 2.55 at a top 50 school, I then transferred to another top 50 school and had a 3.55 my last 2 years (with more credits at the second school). My major was in psychology with a bio concentration. When I graduated, I went to a master's in psychology program at Boston U and ended up with a 3.6 gpa there. I have decided that I am not necessarily interested in Psychology and I would rather study East Asian politics. My GRE score is 610 verbal and 660 math. Any thoughts on a good course of action? thanks.

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Try to ask this question on the political science subforum for more and probably more accurate answers. My personal opinion: your stats are low across the board (low grad gpa low gre low undergrad gpa), and it is not clear from this description why you want to study East Asian politics all of the sudden. Do you speak any of the languages? Your preparation may be ok for some political psychology stuff. Getting into political science programs is extremely competitive and if you do not have some exceptional qualities that could convince some departments that they want you I am afraid that you have minimal chance to get into any decent program.

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