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Canadian student applying to American Political Science PhD programs

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I have a few questions for those who have been through this process as Canadian applicants. I recently completed my undergrad (polisci) from the University of Toronto and I'll be starting my masters (also in polisci) at Queen's University. Once I'm done with my M.A. program at Queen's I would like to apply to several American PhD programs. The programs that I'm considering vary considerably in terms of ranking: Wisconsin-Madison, UCLA, UCSD, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Princeton.

How have Canadian applicants fared in comparison to other international applicants? Does the reputation of Canadian universities matter for adcomms at U.S. universities? Do Canadians with a US PhD have an edge over Canadian PhDs in the Canadian academic job market? I'm pretty sure that every year a considerable number of Canadians go to the United States for graduate programs, but I'm sort of clueless as to what the trend has been in the field of political science. Any help/advice/comment would be appreciated.

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UCLA funding is variable. The package they offered me was competitive with those offered by other schools, but I met people there who weren't offered funding. In any event, I certainly wouldn't take any UC off the list for funding reasons except UCSD; apply, see what funding you get, and then make a decision.

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