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Getting into a Masters without previous research experience (Canada)


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Hi all,

I'm interested on pursuing a masters degree at a Canadian University, but have no previous research experience and I'm wondering if that could affect my chances of getting admitted. I already have my topics of interest defined.

I haven't done my GRE and TOEFL tests yet, but I'm hoping to do well on both of them, I also have a good GPA.

My biggest aspiration would be the University of Waterloo, but I would try to go for some lower ranked universities like the University of Alberta.

Do universities accept (prospective Masters) students without previous research experience?

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School ranking really depends on your interests. Waterloo is great and all, but in game AI research, for example, Alberta is one of the best in the world and Waterloo barely studies it. At the graduate level, who you work with aught to be a bigger concern than where you will work. Unless you're doing a course based masters...

Also, most Canadian schools don't use GRE. It might help, but it's certainly not required.

Anyway, you really need to provide more details.

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