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Question for those familiar with changing fields - better to apply now or get more experience in anthro?


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Hi guys, I posted earlier trying to get some advice from people who are familiar with changing fields.

I am hoping to go to school for anthropology and am coming from a math degree, with all of my research in biomathematics. This includes an REU for a summer, 1.5 years of research with a professor, 5 years working in a bio lab, and a year in a bioengineering lab.... I felt great about my grad school potential until I decided to switch fields.

I would like to get into academia for anthropology. I have spent the past year studying it a ton. I am interested in population genetics. I would love to incorporate math or statistical models in somehow. I am taking an intro anthro class and am loving it. I should get an A or A+.

My question now... with all of this should I apply this coming cycle? I have applied for the peace corps and would leave next summer if I go. I am excited about this in itself but one of my goals in doing it is to expose myself to other cultures to prepare myself for grad school.

Advice from anyone who has changed fields. Should I get some more anthro classes and more abroad experience before applying or apply this cycle? (I do have a minor in a foreign language and a summer study abroad experience... also 3.3 gpa(all low grades are in upper level or grad level math classes) >75%for all gre categories).

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