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Chances of Getting Off A Wait list This Late In The Game

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Hey guys!

I was waitlisted at UofT for their MSW program (2 year). I have a back up plan and everything but I still have that teeny tiny gleam of hope in the back of my mind. The waitlist closes on Sept 7th, and the Admissions coordinator is back from holidays on Aug 22nd. Which means that between Aug 22nd and Sept 7th there is an opportunity for the waitlist to move.

Does anyone have any idea what the chances are of being accepted this late in the game? Of how many students drop out? Does anyone have an experience of being accepted this late? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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What is your entering class season (Fall 2012 or Spring 2013)?

Usually, for fall semesters in the US, the time that most graduate programs like to solidify their class rolls is by tax day (April 15th). Once someone accepts, there is financial aid and course registration to contend with; which I don't see the waitlist moving this late in the game if this is your case. Maybe it is different because it is a professional instead of research based masters so there is no adviser or research project to contend with.

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