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Macro + Cost


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I mentioned this elsewhere, but my priority with graduate schools is cost. I have been advised by a mentor to not exceed the $30k mark on tuition. However, my passion lies in advocacy and decent programs are harder to find.

WIth that said, I plan to apply to 3 more affordable schools and 3 more expensive ones. So far, I plan to apply to:

UW Seattle (expensive)

Boston University (expensive)

UIC Jane Adams (cheaper)

U Maryland (cheaper)

I'd like to apply to a school in California, but UCLA/USC/Berkeley are out due to the fact they require the GRE. I just don't have the energy for that right now. Any schools I am not looking at to apply to? My grad essay drafts are done for 3 of those schools (yay!).

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Hey citychild,

I'm in a similar position. I'm looking to apply for Macro programs and cost is going to play a big role in my decision. I am also avoiding the GRE. Yay us!

So far, I've also been looking into Hunter and UConn. Hunter seems like kind of a gamble, cost-wise, since it's in NY, but I am definitely interested in UConn's program. I'd recommend checking them out.

Otherwise, I have had no luck with schools in CA or the pacific northwest either. Everything that even has options for people interested in macro social work require the GRE =(

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Yeah, I have heard really good things about UW as well. And Seattle's a great city to be in.

I noticed Simmons is on your list. I was really interested in their program until I read they are only clinical. Have you heard otherwise?

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So, anyone know of any other cost effective programs for macro social work? I'd hate to go direct practice because of cost being an issue.

Here's my priorities when looking for schools:

1. Cost (and thus, must offer macro program)

2. Good public transportation

3. Cost of living or a way to get into the city/school from a cheaper neighborhood

4. I'd prefer to be close to the ocean. I'd lived in the desert for too long!

My limit is really $20k but I will apply to UW Seattle just to see. More than likely, I will be pursuing a PhD at some point, so that is a factor too.

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If you're thinking about Chicago, I might also look into SSA at UChicago. It's a very pricey program, but they routinely give half-tuition or higher scholarships...and have amazing macro options. Depending on how competitive your application is, it might be worth the application fee to see what happens with financial aid (assuming that you're at all interested in the program). Tuition ended up being under $20,000 per year for me.

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I would believe my application is competitive. I volunteer a lot (for about 6 organizations), conducted my own research thesis through the honors college, will have participated with 6 research programs--one for 5 semesters, have an internship only given to MSW students prior to me, will have 2 manuscripts under review before the end of October, won a national NASW essay contest... but I don't have too much paid social work experience largely due to my college obligations.

Good to know about UChicago! Thank you for letting me know their financial aid packages tend to be strong.

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Hey Citychild. I just met with an admissions rep at UW, and they seem to try to make it more affordable for MSW students. There are some research and work study type grants, but I'm not sure what their financial aid really ends up looking like for most students. Seattle is a good city to be in as far as transportation goes and there are some more affordable places, though it is not the cheapest city to live in, that's for sure.

You're in Pheonix now? Any thoughts/things you've heard about Arizona State's program? I know they do have a macro program but I'm not sure if it's worth applying to. Are you considering it at all? Seems like that would be pretty affordable in-state.

Have you thought at all about Hunter? NY is insanely expensive itself but the program costs aren't terrible.

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I'm at ASU now and after getting feedback from my professors and those I work with, they don't feel ASU would be able to tap into my skill set enough. Additionally, I'm miserable in AZ. I'm so bloody sick of 117°+ summers.

I will be applying to Seattle, I"ll look into Hunter too. I used to live in NYC...

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