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Research Methodology Degree


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I came across a master's degree in Research Methodology under the school of education, and I had a few questions about it. I was wondering what people thought about this degree in terms of job prospects and types of markets one can apply too?

I currently work at a research center and we do lots of mixed methods applied statistics, and I was thinking of how this might make me more competitive for other jobs.

I appreciate any feedback received.

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Definitely employable inside and outside the academy. :)

Hello, thanks!

Could you give examples of where people might find employment outside the academy with something like this?

Where did you see the program? I'm interested in similar programs and wondering which schools offer them. UVA is the one I came across.

Ah! I should take a look at that one!

Loyola University Chicago has one: http://www.luc.edu/education/programs/organizational-evaluation.shtml

University of Illinois also has one: http://education.illinois.edu/edpsy/areasofstudy/queries

What interested you to get into this field? what do you see as some of the prospectives of getting a degree in this?

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