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Took GRE twice, PhD in Ed, EdD hopeful - what to do?


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I took the GRE twice, once last summer with scores of 160V, 145M, 5.5 WR and once this summer with scores of 150V, 151M, and 5.5 WR.

I have a 3.4 UG GPA from a well-regarded private New England LAC, a 3.8 Masters GPA (with honors designation on thesis), 2 years of work experience in education.

My question is: should I be retaking the exam, or just choosing between those scores to submit?

My top choice right now is Boston College, Lynch, but I know their average GRE scores are 609V, and 662M (but that includes both Masters and doctoral candidates)

Does anyone have any encouraging words? What should I do?

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If you're worried, you could contact the school to see what they have to say. My numbers aren't too different, and I took it last summer: V164, Q159, AW 5.0 (but I didn't care about this one, and I don't think my school did either). Higher scores definitely make you more competitive for fellowships/scholarships.

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