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Profile Evaluation, please advise


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I will be applying for a MS in CS next year, but I have no idea what ballpark I should be looking into.

Bachelor's in CS with a 3.4 gpa

CS 3.8 gpa

I haven't taken the GRE yet.

Work experience- I am leaving the Army after 10 years of service. The first 6 years I spent as a network technician in a Special Operations unit. I deployed twice as the lead network technician and received several awards. The next 4 years, I spent as a Signal Officer. As a Signal Officer, I deployed as the network operations Officer for 9 months.

I am not sure if it will help me or not, but I am Hispanic and a first generation college student.

Thank you for any helpful advice that you can give me.

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To be a little more specific, I am looking to specialize in networking. The schools that I am planning to apply to are: GT, UMass, Penn, Columbia, Maryland, VT, Ohio State, Vanderbilt and Tennessee. I'm not sure if it will help, but I also have a Top Secret government clearance.

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