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CS PhD/Fall 2013/Profile Evaluation


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Hi, am going to apply this year for a PhD in CS with my research prerogative being Comp. Vision and Pattern Recognition. Here is my profile in brief:-

Undergraduation from one of National Institute of Technology's with CS major in India (GPA: 7.89/10)

3 research internships, all on document analysis and computer vision.

2 Springer International Conference and 1 IJCA journal publication. (1st author in all of them)

GRE: 800Q + 720V + 4AWA TOEFL: 116.

And here are the schools I have decided on applying after mailing some of the professors there:-

1. UC Davis

2. UC Riverside

3. Boston University

4. SUNY Buffalo

5. Toyota Technological Institute at UChicago

6. Rutgers University

7. Virgnia Tech

8. USouth Carolina

9. USouth Florida

10. University of Notre Dame

11. UC Irvine

12. NYU

Are these schools gettable for my profile?


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