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Phd Psychology: What are my chances?


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I'm looking at getting in a bio psych, behavioral brain sciences or cognitive sciences Phd program.

*My GRE score is 316 (156 quant, 160 verbal, 4.0 writing)

BA psychology (from a small liberal arts school


*last two years GPA=3.61

*3 excellent letters of recommendation

*1 year of experience working as a mental health technician. I work with veterans who've suffered from traumatic brain injuries.

*1 year internship during undergrad working with homeless/displace youth

*I've done undergraduate research on time perception in college students; moreover, I found that anxiety effects the ability to discriminate interval durations between 1 minute and 5 minutes accurately. (I'm currently working on publishing this).

Any constructive or relevant comments are welcome.

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