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  1. technically the glass is always full

    1. child of 2

      child of 2

      not if you're in space

    2. jmbrown88


      Well then its filled with quantum foam of space-time :)

    3. stephchristine0


      my glass is always full. cheers.

  2. friends don't let friends divide by zero

    1. stephchristine0
    2. Wicked_Problem


      unless they relish being irrational. lol

    3. jmbrown88


      very clever Wicked_Problem haha

  3. got accepted to Virginia Tech :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. pears



    3. viggosloof28


      Congrats! I know you were hoping for that! :D

    4. jmbrown88


      thank you all for your congratulations :) :) the next 5 years will be tough, but I'm proud to be given this opportunity, so very happy right now!

  4. happy birthday dr. seuss!

  5. did anybody see the Broomism PhD acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on the results page? Found it quite hilarious

    1. Cactus Ed

      Cactus Ed

      I saw that. Made my night!

    2. OctaviaButlerfan


      I liked, "Never received my owl. Maybe it's because I'm a Muggle?" I laughed and laughed. What a great allegory for this process.

    3. uromastyx


      it looks like Gradcafe has deleted it. lame.

  6. If you are invited to interview day, how likely is it that you'll be accepted?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GingerbreadLatte


      Ask when you visit. For now, assume 49% and just do your best. Basketball teams down 1 at halftime end up winning more than 50% of the time, presumably because perceiving a slight but surmountable disadvantage improves performance.

    3. jmbrown88


      Thank u quantlizlemon, i mean they paid for a room and evrything an also a POI mentioned that this was less of an interview and more of a meet and greet so i think sounds pretty good, its my number choice so I'm excited but at the same time a nervous wreck haha

    4. jmbrown88


      Thank you gingerbreadlatte, yeah I'm approaching the situation carefully, doing the best I can to keep my mind interview sharp

  7. Ahhh, application season...the time of the year where thousands of intellectuals submit applications into the unforgiving portal of the internet, only to wait for what feels like an eternity, often culminating in the desperate need for inebriation. yup, definitely been there, and only recently have I gotten a little relief. I'll drink a beer this beer in honor of our mutual frustrations, cheers friends
  8. January was such a pain in the butt, it just seemed to drag on and on...mean while I'm compulsively checking my email like a crazy person and continuously logging on here to see where everyone else is at. But I finally got my call too, and if feels amazing. Totally feel you on your superstitions! I thought I was just crazy haha, I think the "accepted" finish line is just around the corner for you
  9. recently had a skype interview and have since been invited to the Virginia Tech campus, so excited!!

  10. still waiting, ready for good news

    1. Quantum Buckyball

      Quantum Buckyball

      where did you apply?

    2. Andean Pat

      Andean Pat

      That's the spirit!!! :)

    3. PoliSwede


      Hope you get some soon!

  11. anybody else nervous?

    1. viggosloof28


      As only we poor grad school applicants can be! :-S

    2. OctaviaButlerfan


      I think, for me, "concerned" is a more accurate term.. but, yeah.

    3. jmbrown88


      i agree, "concerned" is a much better word, but i'm quite ready for this month to go by

  12. my research is getting published in the AJUR!!

  13. wish everyone safe during the hurricane!

  14. in correspondence with POI's, feeling like on I'm on the cusp of success

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