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In my letter of intent a clinical mental health counseling program...

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I am writing my letter of intent to a particular school of interest to me. They basically tell you to submit a letter of intent (400-600) words which go over career objectives and goals. I am briefly giving a background of my undergraduate work, explaining how I'll incorporate it into my graduate studies and prospective career. The master's program describes itself as being "broad-based education." I particularly have a keen interest in the psychodynamic theory and treatment of, primarily, adults, which I feel is relevant (and honest) to write in my letter of intent, given that they are, in fact, interested in my future goals and objectives...I just worry, however, that a lot of graduate schools not necessarily reject this theory, but don't typically condone it. Not that I am ashamed of my interests, but I wonder if it's relevant to inform?

Thank you.

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