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How fast do you have to be? (GRE'S)


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Hi, I'm a college senior who was diagnosed with a learning disability 2 years ago. I receive extra time on tests at my school, but apparently more testing is required to receive extra time on the GRE's. How fast do you have to be on the GRE's. I was fine on the SAT's, but the ACT's tore me to pieces because they just went too fast. I want to get the testing but it seems so expensive. It's $200 for a one hour pre-testing consultation alone which just seems exorbitant.

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There are a lot of free online tests that are timed to match GRE's speed. I will say that for me, it was a test of endurance by the last section or so.

The AW has two essays, both of which give allotted times of 30 minutes. The other 5 sections are around 30-35 minutes each.

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I'm not sure about your learning disability, but if it has anything to do with math, I was very tight on time in those sections, despite having spent about 70% of my prep time focused on math. Thankfully I ended up barely clearing my target, but I honestly think I must have gotten lucky with a few guesses (educated or otherwise). The point is, if you already know you struggle with time, I would suggest taking the extra test. It could be $200 now, as opposed to $200 later plus an extra $175 to retake the exam (plus untold anxiety).

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