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Master in SLP After an MA in Linguistics

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Long story short...this is still a year away, but I am seriously considering an Masters in SLP after an MA in linguistics that I am working on right now...at the end of my undergrad I took a few SLP classes and as a result of the nature of my program I will be taken some graduate SLP classes as well.

See I love linguistics and I love teaching, but when I student taught (as an undergrad) I realized I didn't love teaching as much as I thought. The managing students, and not being able to focus on one and one development got in the way of what is the joy of teaching for me. Then I got interested in SLP, where i could work one and one with people to truly better their lives. Also, I really like the fact it would be shorter than getting a Phd

What I am wondering is, are there often students in SLP Masters with a second masters? Also, I know the funding is not great are there any schools with decent programs that tend to have good funding? I am at a school with a great SLP program, but the reality is I don't know if they will let me continue my current GA, and even if they do, they have to accept me first....

Anyways I just wondered what everyone thought,


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There are definitely students in my SLP program who already have a master's in something. A general pattern I noticed with funding was that public universities tended to offer more than private universities, but it really varies on a school-by school basis.

There's some threads about SLP in the Life Sciences section, and I know we've talked about the linguistics-to-SLP transition there so check it out! My undergrad was in Linguistics and I'm now in grad school for SLP, so feel free to message me if you have more specific questions.

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If I get accepted for Fall 2013, I will be a MS -SLP student with a second masters. I did a Master of Arts in Teaching Music K-12 while I was at UNC Chapel Hill (grad 2006 and 2007), which is not wholly unrelated to SLP, but still very different. So, you wouldn't be the only one with a second masters degree. I would think that already having been through one masters program successfully would look good on the application. :-)

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My grad program LOVES Linguistics students! Most of our 3-year (including leveling courses) students have Ling backgrounds as well as being good students academically. Most of them have BAs but I don't see an MA being a negative at all.

Interesting and thanks for letting me know! I will look at San Diego State for sure! Its interesting that you are telling me too, an undergrad in Speech at SU, (where I am now) proudly told me she just finished applying there yesterday!

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