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  1. It is best to get your observation hours across different settings and disorders. I did my min. 25 hours, spent 2 days at a SNF, 1 day at a hospital and outpatient rehab, and also went to a developmental disabilities center. I also observed an audiologist for half of a day as well. Do: Make sure the SLP or AuD is CCC-SLP or CCC-A if you want the hours to count for the 25 minimum required for ASHA-accredited grad schools Send thank you cards to those who allow you to shadow / observe (not just an email) Ask a lot of questions in the various settings you see to get a better idea of whe
  2. These are the sections I put on my admissions CV. Name/Demographics Objective Education ASHA Pre-Reqs and SLP Leveling Coursework (I was an out-of-field applicant) Employment History Other Experience Licenses and Certifications Honors and Awards Professional Affiliations Undergraduate / Graduate Campus Involvement If you need just a 1 to 2 page resume, you may want to condense the sections a bit. I found a template searching online somewhere that showed the coursework on the first page of the CV, and since this "resume" was for admissions to a grad program, I made it totall
  3. I worked full-time (teaching) taking pre-reqs, so what I did was 3 courses during the summer, 1 course in the fall, 1 course in the spring, and the final 3 courses the summer before my master's program began. It worked out. I don't know if I could have done 2 courses during the fall or 2 courses during the spring like some others have, but my job was extremely demanding and I didn't even have a planning period. I'm fairly good at time management and organization, too, so it is all about knowing yourself and what you can handle.
  4. Hi Hopefulgrad, I am currently in a master's program for SLP and I used to have a different career, took pre-reqs online while I worked, and started full-time on campus last Fall. It can be done! I did pre-reqs with Longwood University (in Virginia) online and 1 additional class with Utah State (also online). Just check into what pre-req courses the schools you want to apply to will require. I had to take a Bio class since I didn't have one in my previous degree, so double check that you have all of the ASHA general ed requirements too (chemistry or physics, biology or normal anatomy and
  5. So... here's my list of "I wish I knew" (back when). I wish I knew how much I would grow to dislike my first career choice. I wish I knew that SLP existed, and that it is more than just teaching kids how to say their R's and L's. I wish I knew that I could help people with voice disorders when I was teaching middle school chorus and elementary music. I wish I knew how much I would like the medical side of SLP ... especially voice and swallowing. I wish I knew that SLP is so much more than speech and language. I don't regret my first career and I will always treasure those experiences and
  6. My grad program doesn't accept students who got a C or below in the pre-req SLP courses, and I know they are not the only ones like that. I'd see if you can re-take the A&P for SLH class online somewhere like USU or other online pre-req programs. Your overall GPA will probably be just fine, but check to see if you have to have a B or better in all of your speech undergrad classes. As far as I know, a C or better in the general pre-reqs (sciences, math, etc.) is fine. If the anatomy class you're talking about is general (and not the SLH anatomy & physiology), I concur with the other
  7. I applied to one school that required an undergrad level Stats course - even though I had credit-by-AP-exam for Stats ... by the SAME university where I got my undergrad and prior master's in teaching... and where I was applying for SLP school. Long story short, I had every other pre-req and they claimed that I didn't have an ASHA-acceptable stats pre-req and it didn't take long to send a rejection letter. You may just want to contact the grad programs where you are applying if the general ed pre-reqs are not yet completed. Some will actually tell you that for your sciences, you have t
  8. Hey, IvanBezdomnii, I got my BM and MAT at UNC. I am now in a MS -SLP program elsewhere. I got mostly H and some P grades during my MAT program. Yes it is unorthodox, and YES I got questions about my grades from one of the schools where I applied and at that point had only submitted "unofficial" transcript data. Univ. of South Carolina had never seen an application from a previous grad from UNC (oddly enough). She had just received the official transcript and emailed me. Basically, I would suggest the following after my experience with this school that was tops of my list: 1) Hav
  9. I have seen "personal statement" at the top on some sample SOP's I looked at during this process last year. There was so little space to write what I wanted to write that I didn't waste a line on the title, much less any brain power on a specialized title. I felt like the stuff I did put (address, intended audience, etc.) was important though, so I guess it is all about your preference. It is YOUR application and ultimately YOUR personal statement / letter of intent, so don't let the boyfriend pressure you into putting something in there that you don't want.
  10. I did my LOI's more of a letter style at the top with essay style body. In the header space, I had a running head of my name, the degree for which I was applying, and the school name. Then down below (in smaller font), I had a left side address section of the "ATTN" part of what would go on a letter -- ATTN: Admissions Committee, University name, College name, Department Name (4 lines). Over on the right side, I had the actual address that all application materials were to be delivered to since it wasn't going to be mailed. I did this to make sure that all parts of my application reached t
  11. gradstudent23, if you are on facebook, look for the facebook group SLPeeps. There are LOTS of professional CCC-SLP's in that group who are glad to help answer questions like yours. I'm in my first year of grad school, and many others here are just in school or are currently applying. Best of luck to you!
  12. Congrats FLgirl! I know that must feel like a huge weight off your shoulders! Best of luck to you as you prep for your first semester of grad school!!
  13. Drug testing in itself should NOT be your worry. If you're asking about what kind of work or internship sites require drug testing to be eligible to even walk in the building as a graduate student, here is what I know. There is a local hospital that my grad program services for adolescents with language problems (and usually other behavior, ODD, etc. problems). They require a background check, drug screen, and all immunizations that a hospital site would require. Also, a hospital and clinical (combo) site where I am hoping to get my full-time internship requires all of the immunizatio
  14. I took most of my pre-reqs at Longwood. I did neuro last summer (2013). It is a very difficult course but I came out of the class with TONS of self-made resources that I'm constantly referring to in graduate school now. I'm almost finished with my first semester. Definitely stay on the ball and follow the syllabus with that class. Dr. McGuire is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help you understand the requirements when you contact him. It is a module-based class, and each module has a set amount of work that you can know well ahead of time. The summer timeline was 11 days per modu
  15. If you are going to include transcripts, I would suggest using unofficial (usually free) ones. I sent mine my unofficial transcript, resume, and a letter summarizing what I would put in a letter of interest to an employer highlighting my strengths and my desires for SLP school. I also included info about where to upload (if the app system didn't automatically send them an email), or mail the LOR for each application. I ended up with 7 applications (originally 9 schools but I left off the last 2). I was able to do all of this with my LOR writers over email ... so I would suggest NOT ov
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