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I'm applying to phd programs in Stats/Biostats.

Is it better to attach a C.V. or a resume? I've been working full time since graduation so my experience is more amenable to a resume rather than a C.V., as i do not have research/publication experience.

Or does it not really matter?

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I think, if they ask for a "CV", attach a CV. If they say "resume or CV", then you could get away with a regular resume. I, too, have more work experience than anything else, so I was afraid of what my CV would look like. Just put headings on your CV for the areas in which you actually have qualifications, and if you have no research experience or publications, just leave those off. I'm sure there are plenty of people with no research or publications. I looked at a few current grad students' CVs in programs I'm applying to, and some of theirs were pretty sparse, so I would not stress out too much about it. A lot of programs don't even ask for a CV, at least in my field.

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