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  1. TTIC is indeed very well regarded. Probably not top 10. I'd say it is comfortably in the top 20 though.
  2. You will not face any issues if you decide to go to USC, especially since you are not getting aid at NYU.
  3. Hey, a few things. - Unless you publish at a top ML conference by the time you apply, I am sorry to say that your chances don't look good. Excellent research records can certainly overcome low undergrad GPA but your two papers are at venues that mainstream ML people don't really care about (of course, this has nothing to do with the quality of your publication) - Given your background in biomedical ML, try getting in touch with faculty doing biomedical ML and inquiring about your chances. Most top CS programs have at least one professor working in biomedical ML. - You might have a
  4. You are probably on the waitlist if you haven't heard back from Berkeley.
  5. Same. In the letter it says only 1 or 2 people are typically accepted off the waitlist.
  6. I was very lucky to have been accepted into a few schools, and now I am choosing between Harvard and CMU. My interest is in machine learning. I have to make a decision without visiting (international student). I know CMU has a much better CS reputation than Harvard, but I am drawn to Harvard for several reasons: - Had a chance to interview with the professor who would be my advisor, and we got on really really well. - Harvard CS is getting a huge boost in funding from Steve Ballmer (http://www.seas.harvard.edu/news/2014/11/ballmer-to-support-computer-science-expansion) - Boston >&
  7. Oh, for personal reasons I am only looking for US grad programs...
  8. Hi. Does anyone know which schools have late deadlines (i.e. Feb or later) for computer science? I ended up applying only to "reach" schools and I am slightly freaking out. So I am looking to apply to a few more schools now...
  9. realistically, i don't think you have a shot at any top-50 phd programs. i would suggest getting into a decent MS program (since it seems like you have tuition money saved up), doing really well, and then applying to phd afterwards. best of luck
  10. Since you already know R, it may help to learn SAS. For SQL, check out a couple of SQL-videos in this MOOC: https://class2go.stanford.edu/db/Winter2013/preview/ If you know programming you should be able to go from beginner-->intermediate SQL programmer in a week. Any reason why you specifically want to work for the government (in which case SAS would be important)?
  11. Regarding number (2), I am in somewhat of a similar situation. How much will it hurt? Have you had cases of admitting students with non-official research (through course projects, employment)? If so, what made them stand out (grades obviously, but anything else)? Thanks!
  12. Nice GRE subject score. However, without publications, international competitions, or recommendations from well-known professors (which may be hard given your international background), you will most likely be out of the running for the top schools (Princeton, Harvard, NYU etc.). Math PhD pool is very, very deep. Of course, you can still apply to them, but I would set your sights a little lower. University of Washington may be in the ballpark for you--have a friend with similar stats who went there.
  13. if you've taken analysis you should have no problem jumping into upper level probability/inference classes.
  14. I can see the main factor being how well-known your university is. (i.e. is it one of McGill, Toronto, Waterloo etc., which everyone has heard of, or is it a place lower down on the list)? Keep taking math classes, though anything beyond analysis is overkill. Instead of topology/complex analysis I would focus on more advanced stats courses (regression, nonparametric stats, inference, and the like). If you are able to get a publication or two under your belt in the upcoming year, I imagine you will be competitive at all programs. Best of luck!
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