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  1. Columbia and NYU are the most suitable for the direction you want to go. Also, NYU has two different PhD programs, one in Courant and the other is more engineering oriented hosted by Tandon School of Engineering. In addition to the list you mentioned, Stevens Institute of Tech could also be a choice.
  2. It is a pretty ok GRE score for the schools you want to apply. As PhD programs put less emphasis on GRE score, it won't be your shortboard.
  3. I agree with yjkim192 Also, you can still choose to reapply at the first year of your PhD program if you feel it is not a good match.
  4. Nowadays you should count on CSrankings.org for Computer Science ranking, where TTIC does show up. It does not ranked very high but take in mind that TTIC is a very small institute with only 12 faculties and focuses on AI/ML field. It's not very comparable to many big CS departments. But the academia placements is more convincing, their graduates/postdocs got placement in UIUC, Cornell...
  5. Frankly speaking, if you work as a SDE, there is almost no change to get research experience during your work. Without any research experience you should try for a Masters in Machine Learning first. For UW, there is no Master of Science in CS program(they do give MS degrees but only for UW BS/MS combined). The professional degree in CS(PMP) is not suitable for continuing to PhD. In addition, if you are looking for instate tuition, "All PMP students pay the same tuition regardless of citizenship status or Washington State residency." https://www.cs.washington.edu/academics/pmp
  6. In general, I think Gatech is better than Purdue both in CS reputation and location. But research directions/opportunities is the most important for PhD study, do you have some POIs to compare?
  7. http://csrankings.org/#/index?ecom Guess in those professors who publish in comp econ should be some we do ML+FE
  8. If you already have a advisor assigned, ask him/her about what you need to prepare for MS. If you don't, go and find one.
  9. I didn't get a invitation to campus visit, I just tried to convince myself because I've taken a grad level CS class at duke and have a recommendation letter from Duke professor so they think there is no need to do that, lol. Thanks for your info!
  10. Anyone has updates on Duke CS PhD? I see someone got interview and someone received offer without interview, that makes situation complicated...
  11. I don't know about this specific program but according to their website, it seems to be a professional master program. CSRankings.org is purely based on professor's publication and mainly for PhD applicants. For professional masters, it's better for you to check on their placement report or do some research on linkedin.
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